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Dumb Questions about Radio Advertising

1. What makes a radio ad effective? That is, what makes a radio ad move products or services?
2. Do we care whether we air effective ads? Or are we simply interested in tonnage?
3. Do stations measure the effectiveness of advertiser campaigns?
4. Could we convince more advertisers to use radio more often if we were able to demonstrate how it works for their peers on a more than anecdotal basis?
5. Why do so many advertisers view Radio advertising as ideal for promotion but not so ideal for brand-building?
6. Why do so few Radio spots attempt to create mental pictures, given that pictures are certainly worth a thousand words?
7. Why do the Radio Mercury Awards reward creativity - but not results?
8. Why does the Radio Advertising Bureau website contain lots of stuff about how to sell harder - but very little that I can find about how to make the spots we sell more effective?

These are things I don't know the answer to.

In fact, they're things nobody in our industry might know the answer to.

And that's a scary prospect.

If you have the answers, please share them with me.


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